St Peter's CE (VA) Primary School

St Peter's Primary School

Chestnut Class - Y3

Home Learning


 Work for Wednesday 1 April & Thursday 2 April


 Science - 1 Apr

Spag / Spelling - 1 Apr

English - 1 Apr

English - 2 Apr

Work for Friday 3 April


Spag - 3 Apr


Work for 6th - 10th April

Fluent in Five

Look Say Cover Write and Check

Rapid Reasoning



Grammar Task


SPAG Spelling Task


Topic - Science



Easter story Task





Chestnut class has had a fabulous start to the year. We have used watercolours to paint vases based on Venetian Murano glass, thinking about the colour mixing using primary colours, making a colourful display outside our classroom. In topic work and science, we have been learning about our earth under our feet, we investigated Vicious volcanoes including the destruction of Pompeii by Mt. Vesuvius. In DT we designed and made our own volcanoes, then during role play as Pompeiian citizens we set them off using different chemical processes.

In maths we investigated place value, through playing games, talking and playing with the ICT equipment and other resources. This was super fun, we almost forgot we were actually learning. In English we have been doing writing based on King Midas (everything he touched turned to Gold), but everything our characters touched turned to skittles, we even ate some skittles while we were writing to inspire us – yum!

We are really looking forward to the rest of the year, where we are going to investigate Rotten Romans, do some experiment with rocks and soils, moving onto magic magnets in science. We are also going to be working with a visiting drama company – Stiltskin - every week to create our own theatre show, we think this is very exciting! All this and much much more…