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St Peter’s School

We are a small school with approximately 160 pupils and 40 nursery children.  The school has seven classes, each is a single year group class, ranging in size from 18—30 pupils.

Being a small school there is a wonderfully friendly and family orientated feeling to the school where good relationships are made between staff and pupils.  There is a real sense of community to the school, surrounding area and St Peter’s Church.

We use St Peter’s Church for many of the events in the Church calendar.  We hold an Easter Service, Christmas Carol Service and a Leaver’s Service at the Church, which is within walking distance of the school.  The children always enjoy their visits to the Church and these a high point in the academic year.


Founding of The School

Our school was founded in 1857 by the first Parish Priest of St Peter’s, Fr George Rundle Prynne.  He saw the work of the school as a very important part of the work of the Church and wanted every boy and girl to have the best opportunities to grow and learn so that they would be able to make the best of themselves in adult life.  Our school is, therefore, an essential part of the work of St Peter’s Church.


Voluntary Aided

We are also a voluntary aided school.  Quite simply this means that the Church owns the school – this is expressed by the Governing Body owning the buildings and being responsible for their maintenance, improvement and, when necessary, their replacement.  The Governing Body also employs the teaching staff.

Our Parish Priest is always and ex-officio Governor.  In addition there are six Foundation Governors, three are appointed by St Peter’s Parochial Church Council and three are appointed by Exeter Diocesan Board of Education.  The Foundation Governors always form a majority on the Governing Body and they have a special responsibility of keeping Fr Prynne’s vision for our school – the Church in partnership with others offering children and education that opens doors to the opportunities of life.


School Ethos

Not surprisingly, the character of the school is Christian, and we base our life, work and relationships (teacher with teacher, teacher with child, child with child) on the teachings and example of Jesus Christ.  Religious education is not just a subject learned but a way of life to be lived and we gather it all up in our Collective Worship to which parents are always welcome.  Our school is also within the City of Plymouth and Plymouth Local Authority’s Children Services play a large part in supporting our work.  They are of crucial help in the setting and improving of standards.  Please click here to see our Core Values.


Our school is a place where ALL are welcome.